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IT Maintenance

Technical SupportWhat do we offer?

If you have a hardware maintenance contract that is expensive, complicated and difficult to manage, OryxPlus has the solution for you. We are proud to offer to our customers a variety of 3rd party maintenance options helping them to save an average of 25-50% from what they are now paying direct to the manufacturer

Consolidate your multiple plans into one

If you are like many, you have a variety of manufacturer's equipment on site. OryxPlus helps you consolidate all of your service contracts into a single contract. Simplifying your contracts into one gives you a single point of contact. It also allows you to eliminate the frustration involved with managing and renewing multiple contracts. One phone number is all you will need in the event of any problems that may arise.

Our service includes:

  • Help desk support hours from 8 am to 8 pm (EST), Monday - Friday
  • On-site coverage from 8 am to 6 pm site's local time, Next Business Day Monday - Friday
  • On-site response by the next business day following the service call request
  • Dedicated technical support account manager and site history reports by different criteria available upon request

Hardware Support Coverage


small server


HP: 9000 Series Servers & Workstations

IBM: RS/6000, xSeries, pSeries

SUN: Enterprise & Sun Fire Series, Netra







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