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OryxPlus is a privately owned and profit making business that was launched in July 2007. Complete operation is in-house and that helps OryxPlus understand customers requirements better and results in service with higher customer satisfaction.

OryxPlus is a company wholly based in Montréeal, QC serving customers globally from over 7 countries. All our servers are physically located in Miami, Florida. The datacenter itself is a state-of-the-art facility housed in a class-5 hurricane resistant building. We also operate in Douala - Cameroon and in Luanda - Angola.

All OryxPlus servers are located in Miami, at the Miami Exchange Datacenter. OryxPlus has a team of Web developers, Network administrators, Technical support experts and Hosting Experts with 4-6 years of Industry experience. We provide quality services at reasonable fee through our in-house full-time Staff.


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